Welcome to Jet Set Jiles, where the Jet Set and the Spiritual Set collide!

Bonjour my fellow setters!

We're Jennifer + Miles = Jiles. It's a nickname we got when we were dating -- it stuck!

Miles retired, after a lot of years in a very successful third dimensional work reality! And post-retirement pre-pandemic we had some awesome jet setting and luxury shopping adventures!  

Don't get me wrong, we had luxury playtime before, but with Miles retirement brought it to a whole new level. 

As our level of freedom when up, so did our gratitude, and so did our experiences. It was magical watching it all manifest. 

I had our jet setting future all figured out. Until that pesky pandemic grounded us. 

So just like everyone else at the beginning of this we walked. And walked. And walked. All over Mama Gaia.

And as I was separated from everyone but my husband. And as there were few cars on the road, boats in the water, and planes in the air, things started to become really really clear.

One day I woke up and a voice, or a knowingness, washed over me: playtime's over, time to get to work. 

And that's when I knew it was time to begin putting myself out there as a light leader.

But how do you do that when you've kinda accidentally hidden your spirituality from your hubby? When he doesn't quite know you're a channel, and you've got some pretty out there woo woo ways, and a soul mission to help in humanities ascension?

Well, navigating all of that, is part of what Jet Set Jiles is all about . . .

Don't worry. We're still all about living our best life at home, high end shopping, and luxury travel. But my soul's called to incorporate a spiritual element you might now have known about me. 

Welcome to where the jet set and the spiritual set collide. Or asI like to call it the set. So glad you're here!

xxx • Jennifer (+Miles)





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This little block is still under construction! 
It's taking a bit of time but I'm almost there with our new website and offerings. I've got friends checking it out now for glitches and flow -- hence why you're seeing this incomplete block. But let it be a teaser for you. lol.

Here's the first gift we'll be offering when we officially launch . . .

Get my handy dandy printable!  It's all the stuff I google the most to live my best life. lol 

Ina's Veggie Recipes Roasting Guide + Recipe Cutting Calculations + 
New Moons + Full Moons + Mercury Retrograde + Fav Shows New Season Drop Dates

Ya know, all the stuff you look up all the time, all in one place! xxx


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